BIM Consultancy

Bim Danışmanlığı / Hizmeti

BIM consultancy is a topic that has long been on the agenda in the construction industry in Europe, and more recently in Turkey, but there are a lot of question marks over it. Some of these questions are answered below.

1) Is BIM a piece of Software?

BIM is a methodology, not a piece of software. However, various software tools are available to implement the BIM methodology.

2) What is BIM Consulting?

BIM consultancy provides the help and support services that companies need in order to solve their operational, technical, strategic and managerial problems in BIM processes.

3) Why Do Firms Need BIM Consulting?

It is very important that companies wanting to switch to the BIM system should make suitable adaptations to their existing systems. For these changes to be profitable, it is important that they should be directed by a good BIM consultantwho has in-depth knowledge of the BIM system and can provide correct guidance.

4) What Should Be Considered When Choosing a BIM Consultant?

The previous experience of the BIM Consultant, their command of BIM standards and the fact that their have a proven record in the sector: the projects they have been involved with, training undertaken and certificates received are among the factors to which you should pay attention when choosing your consultant.

5) What is the Benefit of Working with a BIM Consultant?

Once you have chosen your BIM Consultant, the ensuing process will provide important results for the company. Workflows and working methods are examined in order to determine the best solutions for the company. Once the most suitable solutions have been determined, adaptation training is initiated. By evaluating the quality demanded by the company, the desired goals related to BIM are achieved due to the guidance and experience of the consultant.

By working with an experienced and successful BIM consultant, companies can ensure that the transition process to the BIM system are carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, and that the resulting systems put in place are effective.

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