BIM Education / BIM Lessons

Content of the Program

  • What is BIM?
  • BIM Theory
  • BIM Basic Training
  • BIM Standards, Software and Implementation Plan

Purpose of the Program

With the spread of BIM applications in the world, the need for personnel who know BIM has also increased. The purpose of this program is to teach the BIM system to people who want to take charge as a BIM Coordinator, Specialist, Manager and to train people who have career goals related to BIM.

Who Can Participate in This Training Program?

Engineering and architecture students, graduates or those working in the engineering and architecture sector, those who want to work, and those who want to be BIM Experts can participate.

Education Type

Trainings are held online via Zoom.

Education time

16 Hours

Education Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 18:30-20:30.

Education fee

2800 TL (tax included)

NOTE: 2 person will benefit from our training free of charge with the draw to be held among those who follow our Instagram, Youtube and Linkedln pages.